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WolfDaddy’s bringing you a selection of kinky free cams and this page is all about ANAL. Every beautiful model you see on this page loves to take it in the ass.  The best part of all is that the cams I have on this page are all 100% free.  I shit you not! You don’t have to pay a single cent to see all the action.  When you’re broke and horny there is nothing better than being able to watch a free hardcore sex show. If you’re not broke you really should tip them. I would feel like a douche if I was trying to tell a model to fist her ass for me yet was too cheap to give her a tip.  If everyone was a cheap ass and nobody ever tipped the models it wouldn’t take long before they all quit. Why the fuck would anyone want that?


I’ve always wondered if the guys who spend hours upon hours visiting cam sites day but have never tipped a single model realize how sad they really are?  If they are spending all their time on cam sites then chances are they don’t have any significant real-life relationships otherwise that’s where their time would be spent.  Which means that the connections they build on cam sites are actually the closest thing they have to an actual relationship. How pathetic is it that despite the fact that they are so dependant on cam sites to alleviate their lonely existence,  these dudes still blow it because they are too cheap to spend a dollar.  Think about that for a second, if you go out with a chick you’re going to buy her dinner, aren’t you?   Hell, you’re going to have to pay for dinners, movies, and whatever else she says she wants to do. Even after you pay for everything what do you think your chances are that your evening is going to end with some hard anal pounding? More often than not, even if it went well the nights going to end with a kiss and the opportunity to pay for everything on date number two.  Repeat and repeat again…and then yet again, throw in gifts, flowers, holidays and hopefully you might have finally gotten some action by then but there’s certainly no such thing as guaranteed pussy regardless of how much you’ve spent on her. In comparison to real life dating, is it really too much to ask for you to toss a few dollars to show your appreciation to the chick you’re spending hours with everynight because she’s getting naked and sharing orgasms with you?

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