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Mischievious ddlg Babygirl wearing pink kneehigh socks ties up her unsuspecting Daddy Dom then teases his cock by giving him a lesbian sex show with her sexy little girlfriend. The two little girls take turns licking pretty pink pussy before utilizing they use a vibrator to force a powerful orgasm while on all fours. Daddy enjoyed the show however everyone knows that these two submissive little fuck toys are in for a little discipline as well as a good BDSM spanking for trying to use bondage on their Daddy

What is ddlg



The letters ddlg is from the world of BDSM as well as is an acronym for Daddy Dom as well as Little Girl. The lifestyle is simply a variation of the Domination as well as submission or D/s dynamic. The dominant partner is called a Daddy Dom or just plain Daddy as well as unlike other types of BDSM sexual dominants, he tends to be more intimate as well as nurturing. The submissive little girl is often called Babygirl as well as she's what's called a “Little” in kink terminology. Littles often use age regression to be able to experience things in a much more innocent state that is free from self-doubt as well as inhibitions


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