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Luke smiled down at his weeping slave. His cock hardened as her tears flowed, and he fought the urge to take her then. ‘Soon’ He told himself. If it we aren't for the secure straps binding her to the table, she would've leaped from it is surface at his first touch. His fingers stroked her gently running down the subtle curves of her sides as he took his position behind her

“I am trying to be nice, Lily. I want your first time to be pleasant, however if you continue with your crying, I may not be able to make that happen. Do you know what Your tears do to me, slave?” His question came as his nails scraped gently upon her thighs tracing the outline of her bottom displayed so lewdly before him. “Stop crying, and I will make you more comfortable ” The command came gently, and after a moment only her soft sniffling filled the room

“Good girl ” He praised her softly. His hands left her for a moment reaching for the smallest of the plugs he planned on starting her with. The cap flipped open with ease as he poured the cold lubricant upon it is tip. Lily strained, twisting and pulling at her restraints to see what he was doing behind her, and found relief as the weight of the items he had just taken was placed back upon her. Luke roamed her body openly now and enjoyed the goosebumps that covered her as his hands made their way beneath the hem of her dress. Her whimpers turned to pleads as his fingers stroked the soft skin of her ass turning to kneads as her volume grew until she couldn't contain herself any longer

“Please stop, Sir. Please!” Lily began begging however was cut short by Luke who was growing weary of her constant disregard of his rules. His long sigh was her first indication of his displeasure followed by the quick smack of his open palm upon her bottom. Her pleas we are silenced, reduced to whimpers as she felt his firming grip upon her tighten

“I recall telling you to stop crying, Lily, I don't recall…” Luke began harshly chastising her, then paused. Gently. At her pace. He reminded himself. “Please remember to ask permission before speaking so openly, Lily. You know it upsets me when you don’t. Now, what do you need to say, slave?” He asked, trying to convey his nurturing side in his tone as his temper calmed

“I’m scared, Sir. Please don’t do this to me! Not like this! Please, Sir ” She pleaded as she fought the tears that threatened to fall. “I’ll do anything you say Sir. Just please don’t ” She begged of him hoping he'd find mercy on her

“How would You rather have me take You, slave? It is going to happen tonight, one way or another, and you know I can’t trust you not to run from me not even knowing the consequences. You've proven that to me twice now. Would You rather warm to my touch in my bed? On the couch over there? Tell me what'd make you more comfortable, and I will consider it. Will you be a good girl for me if I take the restraints away?” His questions swarmed her mind as she fought to answer him

She didn’t want to be taken at all, however the thought of the couch was preferable over being taken strapped down like an animal. Perhaps he'd be kinder to her if she could do as Johnny Boy suggested. Just listen and obey. His words replayed in her mind as she nodded without thinking. Luke walked around her slowly taking a knee before her trembling face as he spoke

“Words, Lily. Tell me what you need ” He ordered her softly as he took her face gently into his hands, wiping the loose hair from her eyes waiting for her reply. His patience grew thin as her tears flooded down once more, however no words. He was about to forget everything his brothers had told him when she finally spoke bringing relief to Luke as he smiled at her choice

“Couch ” It was barely a whisper, however enough for Luke to make out the word

“Alright, Lily. We can go to the couch, however first I need to see a little act of faith from you before I untie you. You've not done much in these past few days to earn any trust from me, however you can right now. I'm going to give you a kiss, and I want you to show me how badly you want to be out of these cuffs. Do that, and I will release you to the couch where I will join you shortly. You don’t gotta say anything. I know that's hard for you. Just show me that you want to be a good girl for me ” He finished simply, leaning forward to place his lips upon hers

Lily froze. Too scared to open her lips, and more scared what'd happen if she didn’t. She'd to think quickly, as Luke released a frustrated sigh upon her cheek. She thought of Johnny Boy, and the thoughts of his gentle touch eased her mind enough to allow Luke access. He claimed her open lips eagerly. His tongue danced on her own as he pulled her face in closer, deepening the kiss between them. He tasted sweet, like fresh fruit, and the thought normally would've made her smile if it weren’t for the beast claiming her lips now. Just as she thought she could take no more, Luke surprised her, breaking from her kiss with a smile

“Good girl. That earned you the couch and a special treat ” He exclaimed as he rose to loosen the straps on her back and thighs. The straps we are released quickly to her delight, and she squirmed in the limited freedom it allowed her body. Her squirms brought a chuckle from Luke as he watched her wiggle to his amusement. “So adorable, slave, now I want you to hold still for this next part. Consider this another test of faith ” Luke took his time with the cuffs, running his fingertips slowly down each limb trailed by his soft kisses that made her cringe each time she felt his lips upon her. “When I release the last cuff from your wrist then you may walk to the couch and as a special treat, you may sit with me upon it. Do you understand what I have told you to do once I release your last cuff?” He asked her

“Yes, Sir,” Lily replied. She was grateful to be released and took her time getting to the couch as Luke beat her to it, settling in comfortably upon the cushioned leather after storing the contents from her back below the couch out of her view. She knew he wanted her beside him however as she drew closer to the couch her strength diminished bringing her to sit on the opposing end from the threat that sat so near. He said nothing, at first, as she curled up trying to avert her eyes from his scrutinizing glare. The curl of his finger signaled his desire for her to move closer, however try as she may, her body made no effort to close the distance between them. She was trapped, and he'd not wait forever

“Come beside me, slave. I promise that it'll be a much nicer night for you if you crawl to me right now. If I gotta come over there, Lily, you won't like the outcome. He warned her keeping his tone calm. She was so stubborn, and at this rate taking her ass would take all night. He didn’t have the time or patience for that despite his best-laid plans

What would the brothers do? Luke questioned himself as he tried to think of a way to bring her to his side without force. The bath! The memory sprung on him as the smile splayed across his lips. It had worked before, so why not now. He thought hopefully as he spoke again with renewed vigor. “Lily, I know it is hard for you to do as I'm asking right now. So, remember the bath with us. Same principle. I will wait ten seconds, and if you don’t move then I'm going to move beside you. We are going to do this in steps, and I will give you the opportunity each time to act first which will lead to a reward each time if you do, and a shorter time in this room. For every order you obey first, I will take fifteen minutes from our time in here. We we are going to spend 3 hours total breaking you in tonight, so, that's a huge advantage for you if you decide to take it. For every time you fail to obey me, I'm going to take another step towards claiming you tonight, my way. Your obedience will make this night much gentler than it'll be if you fail me, slave. Just nod for me if you understand ” He ordered her gently. Her nod delighted him as he gave the first order

“Let us begin. Come curl up beside me. This one is easy, slave ” He said extending his arm for her to join him in his welcoming embrace. He began his countdown losing patience as he neared the point he'd gotta take his own action. “5, 4, 3…” He paused at two, happy to see Lily unbaling from her position. Her movements we are small, to say the least, however she was moving towards him none the less until she was beside him shaking as he wrapped his arm tenderly around her. “That’s a good girl ” He praised her as his lips claimed hers in a gentle kiss that she fought not to pull away from. He noticed her tension however ignored it as he ordered her next task

“I am going to kiss you again, slave, and this time I'm going to be touching you. I want you to touch me back. I don’t care where it is. My neck, chest, arms, face, or my cock if you dare. I just want to feel your hands on me, slave. You've ten seconds to obey ” He finished speaking quickly, as he claimed her lips fiercely. Once again, she didn’t disappoint him as her shaky hands made their way up to his chest trying to subtly push space between them to no avail. He held tightly to her deepening the kiss each time he felt the pressure upon his chest before he detached from their embrace, running his palm across her cheek in awe of her. Those eyes. He thought as desire washed over him in waves. She was still too tense for his liking. He thought to formulate a fresh attack

He claimed her lips once more. Her tension was a rollercoaster as it eased into the kiss only to strain as his hands found the bare skin of her breast beneath her dress. Luke tried to vary his touches bringing his fingertips slowly down her arms, caressing the curves of her hips, and stroking her back as he brought his hands back to her face before they descended back down unzipping her dress as he went

“Sir ” She exclaimed as her dress fell open in the back welcoming his roaming hands. Her mind was a spiral of fear, and desire as she registered the pleasant feelings he was bringing to her body against the fear she held for what she knew lay ahead in their evening

“I want this dress off of you now, and I want you laying on your back for me ” He wasted no time in giving the next task. Seeing her hesitation, Luke finished his count sliding his hands beneath the hem to rip the dress from her in one swift motion. She shrieked with the sudden action and went to cover herself, however Luke had other ideas. He descended quickly pressing his weight against her as he laid her on her back below him. Within moments, her bra joined the dress upon the floor puddled a distance away. “Next. Offer me one part of yourself to kiss, lick, and drive you crazy. You've ten seconds to decide, my sweet slave ” He finished, kissing her neck down to her chest where he seized her nipple between his lips sucking it in as his tongue danced upon it is tip

Her soft moans mingled upon her shocked gasps we are music to his ears as he continued his sensual assault upon her breasts waiting patiently for her offering. Her embarrassment was endearing to him as she looked to the side with a blushed face while pointing to the other breast. Luke happily obliged claiming the other side as he had the first. His teeth grazed the sensitive flesh, and a cry erupted from her lips as he twisted the other nipple until she rose from her back trying to alleviate the pressure upon her. He kissed her once more releasing his grip upon the tender flesh as he tenderly massaged her breasts working his way down to gauge her true arousal. He took his time running his fingertips over the thin fabric wettened by her pleasure. “So wet for me already. Good girl ” He exclaimed huskily, and his grin couldn't be contained as he took her lips once more working his fingers gently over her covered mound despite her wiggling protests. His slave was getting ready for him, whether she realized it or not. Her moans and silenced pleas filled his lips as his nails raked her body sending her into a mix of pleasure and pain he loved so much. He devoured her mouth until he could take no more, straining uncomfortably against the fabric of his own pants. He roamed her body moving lower and lower until his kisses trailed her stomach

“Take off your underwear before I rip it from you, my slave ” He ordered as he knelt between her legs. His kisses turned to nips as he tasted the inside of her thighs breathing in her sweet aroma. “Now,” Luke growled, and Lily needed no other indicator of his desires in that moment. Her fingertips shook at the last piece of fabric covering her, and as hard as she tried willing herself, her hands couldn't move from their place upon her hips

Lily watched Luke stand slowly, reaching his full height as he towered above her. Her hands quickly covered her chest as he smiled down with a look in his eyes she couldn't place. He didn’t look mad, however he was far from happy. She thought as he wasted no time stripping quickly before her revealing the largest cock she'd ever seen which wasn’t saying much in her limited experience of comparing manhood. He crossed the room quickly grabbing things from the cabinet on the far wall out of her view, and her apprehension grew as she made out the sounds of bottles opening, and the familiar sound of squeezing the remnants of something out. Luke returned quickly tucking the mysterious items out of her view, and just below her before she could see what he had planned for her

“Oh Lily, I had hoped those would be gone by now,” Luke said with a grin as he motioned to her underwear that still adorned her bottom. He reclaimed his position between her legs bringing them up quickly to settle her knees over his shoulders. Her shriek of surprise brought a laugh from his lips that both scared and confused Lily as she was held tightly at his mercy, and the thin fabric was ripped from her body without a second thought as his kisses trailed the inside of her thighs once more. Her lingering tears quickly subsided as Luke replaced her fears with something new

“Please, Sir. I… Oh” Her pleas we are cut short as his hot breath coated her sex causing a soft moan to slip from her lips as his tongue laced her outer lips. The sensation both thrilled and terrified her as she fought herself to make sense of everything happening. What was that? Her thoughts we are short lived as Luke tightened his grip bringing his tongue to her clit for the first time. He wasted no time bringing her to edge as she squirmed within his grasp. Her pleasure mounted soaring higher and higher as an unfamiliar feeling settled inside her threatening to burst at any moment. She moaned openly now, unable to contain her squeals and inaudible pleas as he worked his tongue over her soft folds always returning to the sensitive nub that sent her spiraling up the ladder he forced her upon with every flick of his tongue

“You may cum, slave ” His words barely registered in her mind as did the absence of his hand for a moment before her pleasure erupted mingled with the quick, searing pain of something foreign being forced up her virgin ass. Despite it is painful intrusion, the small plug did nothing to take away from the orgasm he had given her as she rode the waves that rocked her body. He worked the small plug in and out of her bringing her waves of continued pleasure as his tongue worked upon her sensitive folds bringing her to the edge once more. “Beg me for my cock, slave ” He ordered her as he took hold of her clit bringing her closer to her release

“It’s too big, Sir. You can’t…” Her response was not what he wanted to hear, and her disappointment was evident as he stopped, staring down at her with a look that told her she was in trouble for arguing. She whimpered her protest, earning her a sharp slap on her sensitive mound. Her cry made his cock twitch, and he struggled to not take her right then

“Try again, slave ” He ordered as calmly as he could manage. “And this time try it without telling me, your Owner, what I can’t do with my property. Beg for me, slave, and I will be as gentle as I can be. Respond like that again, and I will tear you apart, little slave ” He warned her as his lips retook their place upon her, building her back up quickly despite the fear he placed in her now

“Please, Sir ” She cried out as he dangled her on the edge of her release


“Please fuck my ass, Sir!”


“Say it, slave. Say “Please fuck my ass, Sir!” Say it, and you get to cum ” He grinned as he watched her struggle to say the words that he knew would be her undoing. His thumb replaced his lips as he lowered her into position to take him

“Please…” She paused unable to get the words from her lips until she felt his fingers inside of her stroking quickly to match the pace of his thumb upon her. She couldn’t hold on much longer as she forced herself to choose the less painful route offered to her. “Please fuck my…” Her scream rang out as he pulled the plug from her suddenly replacing it with his throbbing cock. Even with lube, the pain was unbearable, as he sat still inside her waiting for her to adjust. “Owww!” She howled in pain begging him for relief. “Please take it out! Please, Sir! It hurts so bad!” Her tears streamed down her face, as he leaned in close to kiss her gently licking away her tears as he kissed each cheek in his praise

“Such a good girl. It won’t hurt in a moment, my sweet slave. Just trust me. Relax for me, and I will make it feel better ” He promised her as she cried out at his every movement. His fingers worked her gently as his lips took her breast softly bringing her back to the edge after a few minutes. Her moaning was his signal to move as he rocked slowly against her tight passage feeling her adjust to his girth as he brought her closer to the edge. “That’s it, Lily. Take my cock, and remember you are mine. You are my slave, and your body is mine to take as I please. Now, cum for me ” His order came just as he tipped her over the edge bringing her to another mind-blowing release as he unleashed upon her

With her orgasm washing over her, Luke fucked her without restraint working his way towards his own release. Luke took great pleasure in watching the waves crash over his slave mingling with the pain of his cock thrusting wildly in and out of her. She was beautiful, with her raven curls dancing upon her, her eyes lighting up each time she felt a new sensation, the way she responded to his every touch, and she was now his in every way. The thought brought him to his own much-needed release as his pleasure poured out into his slave. His triumphant roar filled the space as he pumped his entire load within her with a final thrust for good measure. After he finished, Luke collapsed beside her, pulling her into his arms without resistance. He held her close and enjoyed the way she formed so perfectly to his frame as they drifted off to sleep

“My good slave, wake up, Lily ” He whispered gently into her ear, kissing her softly upon her neck prying her slowly from her slumber. “It’s time to get you cleaned up. Then we can sleep, little one ” He added pulling the stray curls from her face. How are you feeling? He asked, and there was a genuine concern to his voice she'd not heard before


She awoke to Luke’s cradling arms, and the sound of his voice pulling her from her sleep. How was she feeling? The question struck her, as did the care in which he showed her now holding her gently against his strong frame. The searing pain she'd experienced the night before was gone, reduced to a dull ache now as she stretched herself out on the couch. Johnny Boy had been right, and the thought brought a smile to her face. Just listen and obey. It had worked, and Luke had been far nicer than he had ever been before. She preferred this side to him, and would do her best to bring this side of him out in the future. Listen and obey. The words replayed in her head as her smile grew

“Feeling tired, a bit achy, however good Sir. Thank you for asking ” Lily replied softly

“You’re welcome, slave ” He replied smiling down at her. “It is time to get up, so I can wash you. I want you to get up, get a bottle of water out of the fridge over there, and you may walk to the door. Wait for me there ” His order was quick, and she was thankful for it as he left her side to clean up around the room

She sat up suddenly feeling overly conscious of her naked state despite the intense exchange they had just shared. Lily did her best to cover herself as she made her way to the small fridge in the corner. The water tasted crisp as she swallowed it in gulps savoring the clean taste of the water that differed drastically from the we will water she'd been raised on from the farm. She looked around the room for a trash can and found it settled in the far corner beneath a cabinet that caught her eye. She threw the bottle away and turned her focus to the painting upon the wood surface

She had never seen anything like it before, and the symbol fascinated her as she traced it with her fingertips trying to etch it into her memory. It looked like a ying-yang however with an additional spiral intertwined to make it flow with the rest. Pretty. She thought as she turned to make her way to the door knocking into Luke’s hard chest as she did. His stance brought her eyes up to his, and his smile wiped the fear from her immediately to her relief. Thankfully, He wasn’t mad, and as she studied his features she realized he was pretty when he smiled. The thought drifted as she returned the smile turning to point at the cabinet that had caught her interest

“It is called a triskele, little one. It is the symbol of our lifestyle. I enjoy your curiosity, and I always welcome your questions when I permit them ” He paused watching her smile slowly fade as she realized her mistake. “I will tell you about it as we bathe, however this doesn’t look like the door I told You to wait for me. Does it?” He questioned Lily as she fidgeted before him knowing she was in trouble now as his smile faded forming into a thin line across his lips

“I’m sorry Sir. I was throwing away the bottle, and it caught my eye. I didn’t mean to make You wait ” She apologized hoping he'd go lightly on her

“I understand that, slave. That's why you are only going to receive a light correction ” He answered her as his hands fell to her hips holding them tightly in anticipation of her struggle. “Turn around, bend over slightly for me, and put your hands against the wall ” He ordered her. Her tears fell afraid of what lay ahead for her, however despite her orders, she remained still in place covering herself from his gaze. He had expected her hesitation, and with a sigh, held her firmly helping her to position gently. “It’s going to be okay, slave. You will receive one swat for losing your focus from the task I gave you, and two for making me wait, Lily. You know I don’t like to be kept waiting. After that, you are forgiven. Are you ready, slave?” He asked her, taking his place at her side

“No, Sir ” She answered honestly as her hands we are placed against the wall by Luke. “I’m sorry ” She cried as he took his place beside her. His touch startled her causing her to nearly broke position as his hand came to rest on her lower back, stroking her softly as he waited for her tears to subside. He was not normally this patient however had promised the brothers that he'd try for her sake. It had proven effective so far, and so he'd continue as long as he saw the results he desired

“I am going to administer your punishment now, slave. It is only 3 swats. You've taken far more than that before. You will be okay, slave. After this, we will go upstairs and take a nice hot bath together, so I can clean you up. You will count each swat, and ask me for the next. Understood?” He asked her as his hand stroked her bottom readying it for the oncoming strikes

“Yes Sir ” The first strike landed on her left cheek causing her to cry out even though Luke was right, it was far from the hardest correction she'd taken in her short time here. “One, Sir. Please may I have two?” The second landed on her right cheek matching the intensity of the first, and she was able to contain her cries for a moment. “Two, Sir. Please, may I have three?” She managed to say the words that had been so thoroughly trained into her days before in her time with the brothers together

“Spread your legs further apart, slave, and brace yourself for your final swat,” Luke warned her as his hand crashed down upon her sensitive mound ending the punishment, and causing Lily to scream out at the unexpected pain upon her sensitive folds to Luke’s delight. “Good girl ” Luke praised her, wrapping her in his arms. His hands stroked her bottom softly running up to her mound as he stroked her softly causing a soft moan to escape her lips before he withdrew his fingers quickly. “You took that very well, Lily. Now, let us go upstairs so I can get you cleaned up. We've stalled long enough ” He smiled down at her and enjoyed her squeal as he lifted her into his arms with ease. “You don’t seem to be walking where I want you to very we will today, so I guess I will just gotta carry my little slave up to the tub ” He joked with her playfully as she wrapped her arms around his neck for support. This was what he had dreamed of, and he smiled happily upon his slave claiming her lips as he held her close. “Mine ” He growled, and the blush that crossed her cheeks was all he needed in that moment to bring his cock to attention twitching for release. Soon, he'd have her again



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For the next three weeks Steve watched his wife take black cock after black cock into her ever-gaping holes while her body healed, however of course, some added to her marks as most of them slapped her around. However Valerie being the black owned slave she now was smiled through everything even enjoying more pain

Some fucking her were good looking as we will as well-dressed, some looking more the casual type as we will as some looking as if they hadn't washed for a month or more, however they all paid therefore Valerie was forced to fuck with them

How could she? he thought take those cocks into her cunt with rashes on them sending shivers down his back each time he watched her take one as we will as omg when he watched her blow them of my god it made him heave, however as usual, he watched Valerie smile as she did it

Steve was doing this under orders from Joel of course taking money from them all, putting it on a sheet for Joel to inspect as we will as decide what stave’s cut was

Is this how low he had sunk he thought, allowing any blacks to fuck his wife. He regretted the day when he told Valerie to expose her cunt to other men, just his luck he thought that Joel would appear on the scene as we will as turn her into a BBC trash black owned slave as Joel called her. All he wanted to do was show Valerie what a slut he had made her into however the plans he had for her modeling career was now in the hands of Joel

Steve had been paid handsomely for Valerie of course as we will as getting a cut of the profits did give him some pleasure however every time he watched Valerie fucking with blacks made him think again

Every night after her last black fuck Steve had to push test strips into her cunt ass as we will as mouth to check for any sign of disease, dispensing any medication she needed

Valerie, looking down said, “Sorry Steve I know you don’t like doing this however the do like to fuck me bareback,” saying this without a care in the world

Steve looked up at her, “all clear tonight black owned slave as we will as your body will soon be good enough to receive your tattoos ”

With that, he went to his own room. Roll on Sunday he thought, his day of fucking his wife again as we will as my god as we will as how he used her on these days. He felt it was his right to fuck this black cock loving trash black owned slave as hard as he could ramming his medium sized cock into her cunt, as he put at least three loads into her hungry cunt

On waking Valerie put on her uniform, that just being a sheer silk white robe tied loosely at the waist allowing her tits to swing free as we will as cunt to be seen as she walked, this she'd to wear throughout the day in or out the house it did not matter

She was fully submissive now as we will as did as Joel ordered, this until stripped by any black of course

“Trash black owned slave,” she heard her husband shout. Valerie chucked at the name she'd been given it was her mark of ownership she though

Walking up to him, “what is it, Steve,” she said

“Joel wants to see how your body looks after three weeks you black owned slave. Seems a lot of people want to see you get your tattoos as we will as piercings ”

“Robe off bitch, hands up legs spread ” Steve then took at least two dozen shots of her naked body concentrating on her tits ass as we will as above her cunt

Looking ok to me cunt, however will leave it up to your Joel as usual, sneering as he said it as he popped send mail

“Steve if I may, can you please talk to Joel”

I’m ok with the piercings I can take them out, however Steve the tattoos will be on me for life as we will as with them saying what I think I’m not sure I want them

Steve grabbed her by the chin shook her saying, “to late for that you dirty cunt black owned slave you agreed to all this in front of thousands if you think you getting out of it no way as we will as I hope they disgrace you even more, let the world see what a black owned slave cunt of a wife I got, in fact, you disgust me,” spitting in her face as he said it

“Sorry, Steve,” Valerie cried out, “I thought I was doing what you wanted by fucking with blacks, it was your idea to make me show my bare cunt to others you even laughed when I told you. Yes, I am submissive as we will as a pain slut as you have shown me however you seem to hate me now not love me, sorry Steve sorry

Steve looked at his wife knowing she was right. “Just fuck of out of me site,” he said to her, however knowing deep down yes it was his fault as we will as now he regretted it more than she will ever know, he had cast the die as we will as he was now paying the price, however he knew he had to live with what he started Fucking black owned slave wife of mine likes it anyway seemed to quell his anger as he felt his cock twitch

Valerie was told later she'd one more week to get her body right for tattooing. Joel said, “stop them from slapping you if you can however they do have the right to do that, never forget it,” he said

Bet he never asked him went through Valerie’s mind the thought of being tattooed for life filled her with dread, however knowing as Joel owned her she'd no say in the matter, just this piece of trash white black owned slave, is that all I am to them both now

Time passed as we will as Valerie continued to take black cock after black cock as the dreaded day got closer, each night Steve testing her body for disease as usual

Those tattoos were begging to take over her performance with blacks as she couldn’t get out of her head the filth that was going to be put on her body, why had she agreed to all this, at times wishing Joel had drawn blood from her tits, he had got dam close anyway

“Morning trash black owned slave she heard her husband shout ”

“Get yourself ready shave all your body hair want them tattoos looking good,” he laughed. “Makeup off a slut you hear me you know you’re going to be on the show again ”

Visions of her last performance flashed through her head the beating she took, the fucking she took, even her being put on display after with legs spread wide as we will as having to do to herself whatever she was told, how she was told to open her cunt lips wide open as they wanted to see pink, my god she must be trash black owned slave to do that on camera, however next time trash black owned slave white cunt would be seen just above her cunt lips

“You’re done black owned slave,” her husband called let me look at you

Valerie stood before her husband legs spread wide as she knew this was her position to be inspected, checking her cunt, ass as we will as tits, then her makeup he said, “ok black owned slave robe on then go to the car ”

“Steve ” she said, “you do know the car is on the street not in the drive ”

“So, what everyone around here knows what a black owned slave you're as we will as what goes on in here, with all the black guys as we will as girls that keep coming. My god girl this address in on countlewebsitestes. So, let them see your naked body as we will as swing your tits for them,” Steve said

“Ok Steve,” Valerie said, opening the door she moved provocatively down the drive as we will as got in the car

She knew she wasn’t looking forward to this at all, the pain she did not mind however the thought of her body being marked for life filled her with dread, no matter what happened later in her life, she was to be permanently marked as an owned black owned slave

Getting in the car her husband said, “you know the drill cunt,” Valerie, immediately slipped her robe below her tits putting them a on show for anyone. “Be proud black owned slave,” her husband smiled as he said it

Stopping outside Joel’s flat. “Ok out you get black owned slave,” her husband said, getting out slowly trying to make the time longer before she was permanently marked Valerie stood to one side as her husband called Joel

“As you're black owned slave Joel says it ok to be as you're not like they can see all your body any way, here take my hand Joel says we're to be seen together ”

Leading Valerie along the street to the entrance of Joel’s flat up the lift with people looking at her, Valerie held her husband’s hand tight wondering if there was any way out of this

Knocking on the door it was Joel who opened it saying, “there she is my little piece of trash black owned slave ready to be marked for life cunt ” he said

“Take your robe of let me look at you was his next command ”

Valerie took her position legs spread wide, hands clasped behind her head, tits pushed out

Looking good you piece of trash, no marks on your body at all as we will as nicely shaved as well, in front of the camera black owned slave, let them all see you my god as we will as smelling good too, wish you could smell her viewers therefore dam good she is, what is it cunt

My lord it’s called Poison. Poison, he said, bet you could poison us all he laughed

“Turn cunt,” he said, “let them see all of you,” Valerie did as instructed as we will as slowly turned to all watching. Seeing make her do as you say Joel appear on the screen

Now, what’s it to be tattoos or piercings first my little black owned slave Joel enquired

“My lord if I may say something,” Valerie requested

“Spit it out then girl ” Joel said

“My lord what you said about airbrushing the tattoos from any modeling photos of me I was wondering if black maker pen would be ok that way I could just wash them of

“You what black owned slave,” Joel stood in front of her eye to eye. “Say that again, you mean you don’t want to be marked as my black owned slave for life how dare you ”

Valerie seeing his anger said shaking. “My lord it was just an idea ”

“Well it my idea to have you put four fingers in your cunt two each side as we will as pull them as hard as you can out wide, pressing down on your clit with both thumbs

While you receive ten cane strokes across you back each stroke with your reply of yes, I want to be marked ”

“You will be marked for life showing I own you. For this you'll be marked on both ass cheeks not just one ”

In front of the cameras black owned slave spread your lips wide let them see you

Valerie did as she was told standing lewdly in front of the cameras she put two fingers from each hand as we will as pulled on her cunt lips spreading wide

Shaking, she steadier herself for the pain to come

The next moment Valerie felt her back explode in pain she'd to scream out as the pain was therefore great

“FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK,” escaped her lips, again as we will as again, she was hit on each stroke she shouted out, “thank you, my lord, it's my wish to be marked as yours. “collapsing on the floor from the last stroke

Steve watched as Joel beat his wife thinking this is my fault I turned her into a black owned slave however at the same time thinking beat her hard Joel she is yours. Steve’s mind was in turmoil he loved seeing his wife get used by blacks however hated it at the same time she was his wife after all

Lying on the floor valerie took deep breaths trying to regain her senses her back felt as if it was on fire. Look at the screen Valerie this is what you get for disobeying my wishes, Valerie looked up to see. Tattoo a cane mark on her back as we will as underneath marked by Joel, what you think Valerie good idea or not

Wishing no more marks to be put on her than the four she was going to get Valerie said, “whatever you want my lord ”

‘Good black owned slave however I think marked by Master Joel looks better what do you think black owned slave ”

“Yes, my lord whatever pleases you ” Valerie replied

“Ten minutes’ rest then we will start my little black owned slave ”

“Yes, my lord,” Valerie managed to stumble out, as she crawled from the floor

“On the black couch now, my black owned slave Joel commanded face down while you're being tattooed you'll service black cock with your mouth. “

“Yes,” my lord Valerie replied as she waked to the couch with head held low


Spread your legs my black owned slave give him some room to work



“Spread your legs my black owned slave give him some room to work I was going to tell him not to hurt you too much however for trying to get out of being tattooed as mine, I'll now tell him to hurt you as much as possible ”

“Thank you, my lord,” she said, noting her cunt as we will as asshole was in direct line with the camera

As she felt her right ass cheek being tattooed the first of many black cocks was pushed into her mouth

Steve watched as the first black cock entered his wife’s mouth his cock immediately twitched as we will as hardened in his hand as he watched. He knew this was what he wanted for Valerie not matter how much he told himself he didn’t until finally he shot his load all over his hand, looking at it he raised his hand to his mouth as we will as began to lick

Four hours later after dozens of black cocks had been in her mouth as we will as Steve had shot many loads in his hand, Valerie felt a hand slap her ass as Joel asked the viewing audience what they thought

Valerie felt frustrated not knowing what was on her ass cheeks or back. The tattooing was not as bad as Joel hoped it'd be, she took the pain easily just a slight burning of her skin nothing else. What was making it worse was not being able to see the screen at what they wrote, all she heard was Joel laughing at what he read

“Turn over now my little black owned slave,” Joel instructed, “but god wipe that cum from your mouth before you do you dirty bitch ”

“It’s now time to tattoo your cunt Head back my black owned slave no peeking now,” he laughed

Again, more black cocks surrounded Valerie this time standing over her, she was now presented by cocks as we will as ass cracks, “suck the cocks Valerie as we will as clean their ass cracks,” Joel commanded

Valerie then heard in whispers, “arch it over her cunt, first as we will as last letters with an arrow pointing down at her cunt lips, with bottom of tattoo just above her clit just there,” she heard him say, feeling her clit being touched as he said it


Valerie continued to take black cock in her mouth



Valerie continued to takeuth black cock in her mouth as the tattooist carried on around her cunt area. She continued to suck vigorously causing spit as we will as drool to flow from her mouth making the black cock look all shiny, now as we will as then an ass crack was presented to her this if course she licked as we will as cleaned

Now she could feel the tattooist pressing down as it was on her pubic bone causing her to twitch at times, however being the black owned slave she was took all the pain without complaint

Three hours later she heard the tattooist say, “what do you think Joel ”

“lie, back cunt don’t look,” she was instructed by Joel

Valerie just lay there not even daring even a peek

“Not bad,” he said, “but seeing she has a red-hot cunt, what about yellow red flames coming from her cunt lips, that would look, great,” he said laughing

“Whatever you say Joel,” as the tattooist spread her legs wide again as we will as carried on working on her

Oh my god, not my cunt lips as we will valerie thought

Forty-five minutes later she heard him say, “all done Joel ” “looking much better now,” Joel said,

“looking more like the trash black owned slave she is. Valerie thank him for the work he has done on you then you may suck his cock till he cums in your mouth as a reward

“Sir this girl thanks you for your time as we will as effort you have spent on her as we will as I thank you for it all, she said to the tattooist ” With that she opened her mouth wide as we will as took his cock into her mouth, bucking as we will as weaving on it under the force. Joel noticed a slight tear running from Valerie’s eye. No more than ten minutes later he shot his load into Valerie’s mouth, “good black owned slave,” she heard Joel say

Now them my black owned slave stand in front of the camera as we will as turn slowly, I want all to see how good I marked you

Valerie did as she was told as we will as turned slowly, noting her husband Steve jerking on his own cock hard

Joel, stood at side of her, “he said behold what I own

Hope all of you enjoyed that, however my black owned slave needs some rest she will get her piercings tomorrow therefore tell all your friends to tune in again, Valerie you may go as we will as sit now

“Thank you my lord valerie said,” as we will as started to walk away. “On all fours bitch she heard Joel shout,” immediately valerie fell to all fours as we will as crawled away

Sitting down valerie looked down at her cunt not believing what was written on her, tattooed just above her clit in large black Arabic type it said White Trash black owned slave Cunt with arrows pointing right at her cunt lips as we will as those surrounded by flicking flames oh my god she thought

Valerie nearly heaved looking at it, this was to be on her for life yes, she knew she was trash black owned slave both her husband as we will as Joel had seen to that however hiding it now was an impossibly

Watching Joel approach her, she stood up head held low

“You may sit my black owned slave ” Joel said

“Look at me cunt as we will as tell the truth that backfired on you didn’t it all I wanted was one tattoo on ass cheek as we will as one above your cunt however oh no, Valerie didn’t was this. ‘Will a black marker pen do my lord,” he sniggered. Remember back when I was caning your tits you agreed to this in front of thousands didn t you cunt

“Yes, my lord I did,” replied Valerie

“Change of heart was it cunt, think you could pull the wool over my eyes with me just being a nigger ”

“My lord I apologies to you, yes I did think after with the tattoos showing for life that it wasn’t my choice however yours, however I never think nothing detrimental about you being a nigger I only know you're my lord ”

“Let me tell you black owned slave if you ever try to get out of anything you say with people watching I'll beat you to within an inch of your life ”

“Yes, my lord I understand,” replied Valerie

“Now fuck of till tomorrow. be back to get your piercings as we will as ask your hubby what is written on you back as we will as ass cheeks, you got four for the price of two my little black owned slave, oh as we will as ask him to put some cum cream on it if you want them healing ”

“Thank you, my lord,” valerie bowed her head as she walked away then dropping to all fours remembering

Joel looked at her as we will as smiled

Walking up to her husband she said, saying with a sneer, “enjoy your wank did you ”

“All you fit for now black owned slave,” he said, “put your robe back on you dirty black owned slave, not that it won’t hide them ”

Valerie shivered knowing all were looking at her markings. Knowing at the same time, she could never wear a bikini again now she'd a tattoo on her back as we will as a filthy one at that she imagined

“Steve, Joel says you gotta tell me how he marked me as we will as he wants you to cum all over them as we will as rub it in ”

“When, you get home black owned slave, will trace it out with my finger see if you can guess,” laughing as he said it

“Tits out when you in the car cunt, you know the drill, open your legs let them see your new markings,” “yes Steve,” Valerie replied

Pulling up outside their home Steve left the car on the street. “Might as we will let them look at you know we don’t want peoples surmising, just to a twirl when you get our want them to see what a black owned slave you are,” he said

Robe of face down on the bed black owned slave. “Oh my god just look at the girl I married, marked all over her body showing that she is now just a black owned slave from a black sex site, hope you proud of yourself black owned slave ”

“Steve, you know dam we will since you made me show my cunt to strangers there is not a lot I could have done to stop it ”

“Yes, I know I went back for more as we will as Joel was there, my fault that I suppose, however then things just spiraled out of control as we will as with you selling me that put the topping on everything,” how could you

“Steve just tell me how I am marked,” Valerie pleaded

Looking down at his wife, although he was controlling her as Joel wished, he did wish he could turn the clock back, his idea of making his wife pose naked in magazines seemed such a good idea at the time

“You asked for it black owned slave gonna tell you exactly how it's ”

“On your back, there is simply a long open looking red gash mark from your shoulder to the small of your back underneath it says. This black owned slave marked by Master Joel in large Arabic black type, with his site printed underneath however smaller ”

“On your right ass cheek oh my god he said. It says Fuckholes for the use of blacks only, with arrows pointing at your ass hole as we will as cunt again in large Arabic black type as we will as again, his site address underneath ”

“But god your left ass cheek tops the lot, in large black Arabic type it says This White Trash Nigger black owned slave is the property of Master Joel Black… fuck here…arrow pointing at your ass hole as we will as again with his site address underneath ”

“Fuck me turning my wife into a walking billboard,” he laughed

Valerie lay on the bed quietly sobbing to herself as the severity of what had been done to her sunk in, knowing her life would never be the same. Wishing she'd never tried to get out of being tattooed as now it was much worse, blaming her husband for all of this

“Get used to it you cunt this is what you get for trying to get out of it, you getting pieced tomorrow gonna look like a real trash ho then ” Ho she thought god her husband thought he was black now

Valerie sobbed even harder

“No cock for you tonight black owned slave, Joel wants you bright as we will as early, tomorrow ”

On the way to Joel’s the next morning Valerie took her tits out when instructed. Looking at them knowing on the way back they would look much different after her piercings had been done. Bye, bye, titties went through her head

The door was opened by Sam with Joel just behind him ” What do you think of our trash black owned slave now Sam

“Sam, laughed you marked her up good boss wish I had been here to see it, did she scream ”

“Quiet as a kitten you love pain ” don’t you Valerie. Said Joel

“Yes, my lord I suppose I do,” replied Valerie

“Well you'll love today then, the pain might even make you scream for Sam to hear,” both chucked

“Before we start, see that pedestal Valerie, stand on it when you do it will slowly turn. I want all to see what a fine job I've done on you. Oh, as we will as remember to crawl as all good bitches should

“Yes, my lord,” Valerie dropped to all fours as we will as crawled to the pedestal. While it slowly turned, Valerie dropped her head held low, feeling like a prize cow on show not wishing to see the remarks on the screen

She, was paraded like this for over an hour, while Steve as we will as Joel talked, looking up now as we will as again to see crude remarks about her on the screen

Suddenly it stopped she head Joel say, “ready for you know black owned slave, crawl back ”

Seeing in front of her what looked like a large wooden X she knelt beside it. “That is for you my little black owned slave, you should be strapped down don’t want you moving with needles in you do we, as the needles will be more like skewers

Valerie gulped hard, “No my lord I thank you for this

Addressing his audience Joel held up two thick bar bells, “I was going to put hoops in Valerie’s nipples however this is much better, holding up golden coiled cones these together, will produce pain, unimaginable pain, the effect you'll see when Valerie has them fitted

Looking down in front of her she saw thick piecing needles eyelet scissor clasps as we will as antiseptic spray

“You ready for this black owned slave you did agree, Joel reminded her ”

“Yes, my lord I am ready,” not wishing a repeat of yesterday, saying this through gritted teeth

“Strap her down boys,” Joel ordered. Valerie was tied tight to the X then raised vertical legs spread wide for the camera. Joel looked her in the eyes as we will as said, “The less screaming you do black owned slave the quicker it will be over ” Valerie nodded

Joel at first toyed with Valerie’s nipple with the eyelet scissors, grasping letting go making it grow as he toyed with it. Valerie then felt it stiffen more as icy antiseptic spray was applied to her nipple. Joel then clasped he nipple tightly with the eyelet scissors pressing hand trying to make valerie moan however she remained silent “good black owned slave he said ”

Showing the watching thousands what was to be put in her swollen nipple he said. “I feel sorry for my black owned slave having to take this showing a thick needle with bar attached however you'll see in the end it's worth all the pain she will suffer

Joel then placed the needle at the eyelet pushing twisting, looking Valerie in the eyes begging her to scream out, Valerie just looked back at Joel until. FUCKKKKKKKK, OH MY GOD NOOOOO, filled Valerie’s mind as she felt her nipple explode with pain as it was on fire as he slowly pulled the bar through capping the other end of, however gritting her teeth hard not a sound escaped her lips



Well done my little black owned slave,” Joel applauded. “One done four more to go



“Well done my little black owned slave,” Joel applauded. “One done four more to go ”

Looking at her he said, “you ok my cunt black owned slave you're looking a little flushed ”

“I’m fine ty my lord just fine valerie replied ”

Joel carried on playing with the other one however going much more slowly now, when it came to piercing her nipple he pushed as we will as pulled on it until it finally broke through. Pulling the bar as we will as capping it just the same Valerie remained tight lipped not making any sound

“Well done my little pain black owned slave, however I'll make you scream pushing his knee into her clit,” he smiled

Turning to his audience Joel held up the cones for them to see, they consisted of gold coiled cones getting wider at the top. “These come in different sizes we will start with the medium for Valerie seeing she enjoys pain, her nipple will be stretched approximately four cm, or one as we will as a half inch, however in time as we will as a little stretching she will be made to wear seven cm, or nearly three inch, on a daily basis

“Shall we see how they work he said turning towards,” Valerie

Valerie saw hundreds of. Go on Joel stretch her nipples before she turned away

Taking one nipple into his fingers Joel played with it as if it was a piece of putty Joel then placed the end of the coil under the bar end turned it as we will as did the same to the other end, deliberately, slowly Joel turned if forcing her nipple to be stretched while holding the base firm on her tits until the nipple end popped out of the top, causing Valerie to grit her teeth even tighter as the pain on her nipples end was therefore severe

One crowing golden glory done, “does it hurt Valerie,” Joel asked

“Yes, my lord the pain is severe,” Valerie replied

Valerie turned to see her husband wanking furiously in the corner, again watching her suffering. Bastard she thought all this at my expense

“One done my little black owned slave shall we do the other,” Joel asked

“Yes, my lord if that's your wish,” replied Valerie

“Whatever you desire my pain black owned slave ” Attaching the second coil to the other nipple stretching it taunt, however this time turning it much more slowly at times causing Valerie to grunt under her breath

“Show your audience Valerie black owned slave, push your tits out let them see your crowing glories,” however look what I've here he laughed. “Holding up two golden rings with the queen of spades logo in the center, these he attached to the coils, he said. “Let them all see you for what you're. “You will display these all the time showing you as a white piece of trash for nigger cock nothing more valerie that’s all you're

“Yes, my lord that’s all I am ” valerie agreed

“You want A little rest before I continue,” Joel asked

“Yes, please my lord, the pain on my nipples is quite sever. If I may please, begged Valerie, showing signs of tears in her eyes

“Lower her down boys untie her. she needs to be flat for her next piecing’s anyway,”

As soon as her hands were free Valerie immediately clutched her tits trying to lessen the pain in her nipples, oh my god I hope it’s a long time before I must wear the large ones. She felt as if her nipples were on fire with these on. The pain from the large ones was not what Valerie wanted

Joel walked over to her ” so, what do you think my black owned slave,” he said

Not wanting to say anything that led to more piercings Valerie just said. “As long as you like them my lord that's all that matters ”

“They hurt don’t they cunt, I can see it in your eyes,” Joel asked

“Yes, my lord they do,” replied valerie. “Both nipples feel like they're on fire

“Don’t worry my little cunt black owned slave, both nipples have been stretched nearly two inch, however they do say after an hour or more the pain will subside as we will as you’ll be wanting the big ones in, he laughed, however listen closely my black owned slave, if you remove then or turn them down to lessen the pain, your husband will tell me as we will as you have many more areas to pierce

“I have learned my lesson my lord I'd not dare,” valerie said

Shall we continue then the audience is getting restless, what’s it to be my black owned slave cunt lips or clit next oh as we will as that's the clit, lots of girls have their hoods pierced however you'll have both your clit as we will as hood done. I suggest your cunt lips first as I’m sure you'll be crying when I pierce your clit ” Smiling as he said it

Taking a very deep breath Valerie nodded

Move the camera to the right Joel said as he looked at the screen, perfect now he said, “I’m sure the audience want a close of Valerie’s cunt lips,” laughing as he said it. First, I'll spread some of jelly along her cunt lips this will deaden the pain slightly however also help with blood loss as I’m having to use a punch rather than a needle as I want a hole in her cunt lips to accept the eyelet piercing

With that Joel sqeezed the punch together making Valerie shout out ARRGGGGGGGHHHH FUCK NOOOOOOOOOO, FUCKKK, FUCKKK, FUCKK

Joel, watched Valerie as she shook in pain, tummy rising up as we will as down trying to catch her breath. “I take that hurt did it my little black owned slave ”

Finally, valerie manage to say. “Yes, my lord as tears streamed down her face ”

Let’s get them all done first then before I fit the eyelets. “Am I good to you or not Valerie ” Smiling as he saw more tears flow

Joel carried on punching three more holes into Valerie’s cunt lips each time Valerie screamed out in pain. In the end she'd shed five pairs of black hands holding her down one pushing her hips into the floor

Looking down at her with her slut mascara running down her face looking more like from a horror film now. “Joel said glad to see you're human Valerie I was beginning to wonder

Now then my black owned slave this won’t hurt half as much, as her held up the eyelets, you see these are much bigger than the holes I punched into your cunt lips as I need your cunt lips to press back on them holding them in

Joel then gripped Valerie’s cunt lip as we will as squeezed an eyelet into the hole he had made, the ridges on it cutting in around the punch holes. Valerie grunted as we will as twitched each time he put one in

Turning to his audience Joel said, “some people might think I’m crazy wanting to tie her cunt up as we will as lock it. However if she ever does anything that discredits me, this will be her light punishment. As we all know Valerie is now a black cock black owned slave therefore what better punishment than to deny her, just the thing she craves all the time now

“Please my lord,” valerie begged, “a little break before you pierce my clit plsssss, I hurt like hell down there ”

Turning to his audience he asked, “shall we give her a break or what, I'll leave it up to you, show mercy or not ”

Looking down at valerie he said, “seems there's a lot of sadistic people watching today black owned slave, they say they want to hear you scream again as we will as as you know my black owned slave I always do what they say ”

Hold her down boys this is going to hurt like hell Joel instructed

Valerie felt black arms holding her down as Joel held up what he was going to put into her clit, “This you see when fitted with this together, holding them up showing all. Will produce unimaginable orgasms for Valerie unable to stop them at times

Valerie will experience clit torture in fact in his hand he held two pins one a ball with little spikes for her clit as we will as an arch pin the ends turned in to her clit hood. Both will be attached under the clit as we will as hood as you would an earring doubling the effect when fucked hard

Smile for the cameras valerie my black owned slave, as he first teased her clit before pushing hard as we will as braking through just one word came out of Valerie’s mouth. FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

Fighting to break free as we will as run from this pain valerie shook wildlty however the black arms held her tight she fell on the floor repeating, OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD

Taking her hand, he helped her up saying, “what a good little piece of trash black owned slave you're Valerie as we will as your all mine ”

“Now then black owned slave be my little doggy bitch again. Down on all fours, show everyone watching your tattoos as we will as piercings that I've done for you. Hold your leg up like a bitch does oh as we will as you can pee if you want he laughed one leg then the other as we will as show them, what they want to see ”

Valerie was made to do circuit after circuit, lifting one leg then the other in turn, showing the audience her most sacred parts, not once however hundreds of times

“See that chair, valerie crawl to it as we will as sit,”

“Yes, my lord,” valerie replied

Valerie sat down. As she watched her husband put his cock away, wondering how many times he must have cum watching her

To hear Joel, say, “Ladies as we will as gentlemen I’m sure you'll agree with me that my black owned slave deserves a break from black cock tonight, however rest assured services will resume tomorrow as we will as don’t forget, her husband will assist you in fucking her, even putting it in her holes if you want ” ‘giggling

And another highlight coming up, you remember that bitch Mary the one who gets off watching girls be used. She has agreed with a little persuasion to domme my little black owned slave Valerie. One day even maybe becoming her Mistress we will just gotta see how she performs

Valerie sat there in utter shock, eyes wide open, plsss not Mary she thought

Crawl to me my black owned slave Joel commanded

Valerie dropped to her knees as we will as crawled to her lord

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