Japanese electro play BDSM clip

Electro-Play Japanese style? When one thinks about the Japanese culture most think of a very conservative people who is only interests are business and technology. However, the truth is that the Land of the Rising Sun is also the Land of Fetish and Kink. The Japanese have introduced Shibari to the world, many view BDSM as a way of life, and as a people, they embrace therefore many fetishes they are too many to list here


In this clip, we see some basic Shibari (Japanese Rope Bondage), some domination and submission, and even some Sado-Masochism. There is no fancy equipment like a Violet Wand used here!. They are doing E-Stim (Electric Stimulation) Electro-Play the old fashioned way, utilizing a car battery and jumper cables! There is certainly a very real element of danger here. I have used a Violet wand for electro-play and while it does put on a great light show and feels like you’re being shocked by electricity, they are carefully designed to not cause damage therefore you’re never in any real danger. Utilizing a current straight from the source like they do in this video has nothing to prevent injury and is extremely dangerous. If you want to try electro-play, get a Violet Wand. Do Not use direct current. I DO NOT RECOMMEND TRYING WHAT YOU SEE IN THIS VIDEO


During the sexual part, the genitals are pixellated because in Japan this form of censorship is the law of the land. It’s a great irony that the people known for producing some of the most perverted content out there, draw the line about seeing a cock penetrating a pussy. Yet this is the same culture who produce countless videos depicting Japanese Schoolgirls getting raped by tentacles (which they see as perfectly acceptable). It boggles the mind. Best not to think about it

e-stim Japanese BDSM

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