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Hot honey fastened up and gagged

Title: Hot honey fastened up and gagged
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Title: Self bondage go wrong xxx Dirty tiny extraordinary teen orgy hoes like
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Practicing My Yoga Completely Naked

Practicing My Yoga Completely Naked


It was Saturday morning and I could not wait to hit the yoga mat to work out all of my yoga fetish. Usually, Jaden would be off from work on Fridays to fulfill my needs. He'd fuck me really good the night before and when morning arrived I felt relaxed to tape my yoga lesson. Sometimes I would even do a live stream show to upload for a yoga website. As I sat in Indian style thinking about Jaden I noticed how a smile sneaked across my face. Jaden had been away for a day or therefore on business but he knows that I have a very high sex drive

Feeling like my pussy was about to jump out of my bikini briefs I mashed my pelvis to the mat. In an upward facing dog position, I looked over at the camera smiling. Oh, who am I kidding without my normal sexual remedy last night my center is completely off. Therefore I sat on the yoga mat with my legs stretched out wide trying to channel my center when all of a sudden. "Hey, sexy can I open up your center?" Jaden was standing behind the camera and I could not help but smile at him. He walked over to me slowly wearing nothing but a pair of black briefs that hugged his dick


"Well for your yoga fetish, I’ve made an exception "

I sat on the yoga mat with my legs stretched out wide


Jaden kneeled down to kiss me. "I thought you were not coming back home till Tuesday," I asked him. "Well for your yoga fetish, I’ve made an exception " Jaden grabbed my breasts gently as he pinched my nipples. His touch felt therefore good that my mouth got wet instantly. I could not wait to attack him therefore as he pulled up my bra top I was pulling down his underwear


Jaden's fat dick popped out of his briefs and without a second to spare my lips we are wrapped around it. The urge to lick, gag, and swallow his cum made my vagina therefore hot. When Jaden touched me down there his fingers came up wet. "I see my baby has missed me," he said seductively. Hearing him whisper that in my ear made me want to suck his cock even more

Jaden moaned, "Oh yeah Angel suck that dick " I love giving him blowjobs Jaden moaned, "Oh yeah Christina suck that dick " I love giving him blowjobs. My tongue was licking him from side to side, up and down, all sloppy and wet. This made me feel high with desire. Jaden had enough of my wet mouth that he pulled off my bra top. Therefore I stood up to take off my bikini bottoms staring at him naked. "Look baby let me show you my new moves," I said to Jaden. Then I bend all the way down with my ass up in the air. Watching Jaden upside down, "Do you like this pose?" I asked him in my sexy voice. He immediately had his hand on his long rod stroking it with his eyes fixated on me


"Christina you taste therefore fucking good

"Jaden am I doing this right?" Shaking his head yes, Jaden's dick led him to my sweet center. He licks my asshole with gentle strokes of his long tongue. "Christina you taste therefore fucking good " I moaned, shaking, trying to hold myself up because his tongue was therefore unbelievable that I almost lost my balance. He slips inside of me while I was still upside down craving his touch. As Jaden slowly goes in and out of my ass the anal pleasure was almost too much to bear. "Fuck me, please," I said. Jaden grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to his dick. Feeling how hard he was made the juices from my pussy flow like a river running deep


I was having one he will of an orgasm from the anal poking



I was having one he will of an orgasm from the anal poking. "Oh please, Jaden does not stop " He squeezed my ass, still pumping his hard dick. For me telling him not to stop I pulled away from him. "Christina I love it when you run from me," Jaden said licking his lips. Then I did a handstand over to the wall, slowly leaning down reminding my lover of how flexible I'm. Jaden always enjoyed watching me do my yoga stretches which we are another reason why I would record myself. Whenever he'd go away for a few days I would send him a new video to keep him company

We have had plenty of sexy hand sessions over the phone when Jaden is on the road. "Christina I'm not finished with you " "Well, Jaden I'm not going anywhere " "Bring your body over here," he told me while lying back on the mat. I got out of my very compromising position to join him on the mat. Straddling him backward, his big cock filling up my pussy while I bounced up and down on it. I looked over at the camcorder and said to him, "Oh shit, baby I forgot that the camcorder is recording " Jaden leaned up kissing my back and grabbing my breasts. "Leave it on, I can use it on the road "


I loved the way Jaden would get rough with me


For the two of us enjoying our yoga fetish being real kinky we had never made an "Ahh, Christina your pussy is therefore good " Jaden's fingers walked up to my back and he grabbed my ponytail. sex tape. Although I must admit the thought of having a video can help me on those nights alone too. I looked straight into the camera and my fingers reached down to my clitoris. In a fast circular motion, I turned on my pussy button. Yelling out in ecstasy as I closed my eyes feeling therefore overwhelmed with pleasure. "Ahh, Christina your pussy is therefore good " Jaden's fingers walked up to my back and he grabbed my ponytail. He pulled me back by my hair as he continued to move his pelvis upward in a fast motion. I loved the way Jaden would get rough with me

"Yes baby, oh yes,"

The passion that we have for one another took over and the sex had my vagina pulsating. Jaden grabbed me around my waist and we leaned over to the side. "Yes baby, oh yes," I screamed out. He was the greatest lover that I ever had and it was no secret that I was mesmerized by his dick. I absolutely could not get enough of him. He stuck his tongue out while holding one of my legs. "Kiss me " I moved closer to him in order to give him a wet tongue embrace. This man has the softest and sweetest lips that I have tasted. I'm glad Jaden gave my pussy some attention because she was starting to get jealous. Creaming all over his dick he moaned, "Oh yeah, that pussy is therefore wet "

My warm cum streamed down his rod making it real juicy. I could feel Jaden's cock reaching my G-spot. "Oh Yes!" At that moment I was officially through because my pussy was regurgitating cum from the two of us. I fell back, out of breath from all of the moanings. "Christina, Christina," Jaden said as he shook my arm while I was playing dead. "Sweetheart, I'm still not finished " He lifted one of my limp legs and loaded my asshole up with his thick dick. As my body was being pushed upward from the thrusting I leaned up to kiss him again. Jaden He throws my leg over his shoulder and the sideways anal fucking felt incredible


Our sweat mingled together from the intense pounding


My serenade continued in the form of moaning as all of my senses we are being stimulated. "Don't stop, please!" I yelled out once more after catching my second wind. Usually, when we have sex the goal is to make sure not to finish until we are satisfied. It may be a tall order for others but for us, we tend to meet the challenge. Today was different because Jaden had my body in overload. Our sweat mingled together from the intense pounding and for the first time I wasn't able to keep up with Jaden. Although it seemed like he wasn't slowing down anytime soon I still did not want him to stop


The love of my life eased up from fucking me trying not On the top of my low shaved pussy he jerked off his juices to cum. I moved my pelvis downward on his dick as Jaden starts moving back. "What's wrong baby you can't handle it today," I said. In reality, both of us did not want to stop until we fucked each other's brains out. As I was twisting my hips Jaden had his dick in his hand guiding it into my asshole. Then he pulled it out to cum. On the top of my low shaved pussy, he jerked off his juices. We we are out of breath and unable to move. "Baby, could you please turn the camera off?" "Sure Angel let me just get up " Jaden went to turn off the camcorder and I rolled over on the yoga mat


While I was trying to get up Jaden asked me, "Is your laptop always on when you make your videos?" "No, I usually have it on when I'm live streaming " "Well, Christina I think you've to take a look at this " I walked over to my desk only to see that my chat room messages we are blowing up. Messages like, taste her pussy again and I'm therefore horny we are all over the page. I gasped in shock not knowing that I accidentally turned on the live stream along with the camera. Jaden looked at me and then he gave me a kiss. Even though I did not plan on today's yoga session being all about us, but in some ways it was exciting


He spanked my ass leaving his palm print


The live stream had we will over 500 hundred views. All of those eyes watched as we just got through making love. Jaden bent me over when we stood in front of the camera. Messages we are posted by viewers saying, yes fuck her again. He spanked my ass leaving his palm print and then he starts to kiss it. Before I knew it Jaden had to bend down to sample my pussy from behind. His tongue was the perfect send off to our live show for our new horny audience. Then Jaden walked over to my laptop to type in a message. "Jaden what are you doing?" As he starts to type, "I am letting the audience know that this yoga session is over "

He turned off the camera and laptop. "Now I have a yoga fetish," he said as he picked me up. Jaden started carrying me to the shower where he could wash all over my body. Leaving out of the den I looked back at the laptop and smiled. "Wait, go back " "Christina, what is wrong?" Jaden turned around and I asked him to go over by the camera. I picked it up and he continued to carry me to the shower. I figured since we already finished a show maybe we could engage in a private one for later



Duration: 3 min




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Pregnant nun masturbating in church for the Devil WolfDaddy


Pregnant nun masturbating in church for the Devil WolfDaddy


Blasphemous video to mock the hypocrisy of Christianity. A Nun that has clearly gotten herself some because the Priests fetus inside her pregnant belly is making her swollen boobs lactate while he begs her to have a Holy Abortion on the Church Altar

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