Sex from behind first time Helpless teen Evelyn has been walking for

First Time Helpless teen has been wanting this all her life

For young submissive 18-year-old Evelyn, the less she knew about what was happening, the better. She goes to bed alone but she wakes up in tied up in bondage with a gag in her mouth.  She was always blindfolded so she couldn’t see a thing. She awoke naked, exposed and completely helpless. Yet she was excited. She’s woken up like this before.

Evelyn doesn’t know who uses her like a fuck toy

She doesn’t even want to know who’s responsible for this nighttime ambush. She knew she’s going to get thoroughly used in every sexual way possible and that’s all she cared about. Could it be her father? Her uncle? one of her brothers, or even her whole incestuous family all together and she couldn’t care less. She’d even considered that maybe she’s being sold like a cheap whore. That total strangers were lining up to live out their darkest fantasies with a helpless teenager, and yet still she didn’t care.

When they take her, she just let’s go and lets it happen

When she hears them approach from the utter darkness of her blindfolded eyes, her heart flutters with anticipation. From the first touch, she just let’s go and surrenders completely. Whatever they were going to do to her, she wanted it. She’d never even think of resisting. She would just let go and let it happen. Even the first time helpless teen.


humiliated and degraded while they forced to cum over and over again

She would be humiliated and degraded while they forced to cum over and over again. Being forced to beg for permission to cum as her body trembles.  She would be forced to confess the depths of her depraved desperation before they would let her cum. She was a slave to sensation and would obey absolutely anything she was told like someone completely without shame. The only thought in her head was the knowledge she’d do anything because all that mattered was how they could make her feel. 

Evelyn made animal-like grunts of pleasure as her pussy is being relentlessly penetrated

Her tiny teen body quivered with each orgasm.  She screamed and groaned like a slobbering whore every time she came.  Making animal-like grunts of pleasure as her pussy is being relentlessly penetrated.

Then finally when it’s all over and she’s utterly spent, Evelyn remains motionless as her nocturnal violators finished with her. Only the restrains on her wrists are remove, she has to finish untying herself.

Evelyn knows she couldn’t live without being used as a fuck toy

 Not knowing who the people were that used her l allows Evelyn to carry on. She’s able to pretend she’s not the depraved cum slave she becomes when they take her. But she knows she couldn’t live without being used as a fuck toy. Her pussy gets dripping wet and begins aching for punishment with just a thought of her secret life. 


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Two men spit roast a bimbo bombshell MMF

A petite brunette has her first MMF threesome and gets spit roasted with one cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. The petite little small tit slut cums hard then takes a facial.


On Petite Teen Dolly Little Likes It Rough

Petite Teen Dolly Little Likes It Rough

Tiny naive teenager Dolly Little gets dominated and abused hardcore by an aggressive Dom. Her ddlg Daddy Dom takes control and manhandles Dolly like she’s nothing but a sextoy ragdoll to be used and fucked however he chooses.  Watching Dolly Little surrender as she’s being rough fucked is absolutely delicious and really fucking kinky.  A strong hand is firmly gripping her by her delicate little neck to forcibly pin her down like a helpless fuck-puppet as a grown man is pounding her tight pussy makes this porno hot as fuck and instant fap material.

18 and Abused

There’s just something terribly satisfying about watching an innocent teen getting pushed to her limit.  Who doesn’t love watching a teen taking as much cock as she can handle? It’s like kinky music to your ears hearing the sounds Dolly makes as her teen pussy’s being used and abused.  Instant hard on.

ddlg Little Girl

Dolly has chosen to go by the stage name “Little” because she’s actually a lifestyle ddlg little girl.  Shes a Kinkster in real life. She plays the role very well and is a talented natural. She’s adorable with her long red hair in braided pigtails.


Mofos – Dont Break Me – Tiny Cuties Pussy Gets Plowed starring Jasmine Sum

Title: Mofos – Dont Break Me – Tiny Cuties Pussy Gets Plowed starring Jasmine Sum
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Freak Mob Media- petite latina takes a BBC creampie


Another hot amateur Porn produced by Freak Mob Media. A tiny little Latina fuck toy gets used by a masked Black Dom.  This sexy dark haired submissive Latin girl plays with her pussy to get it ready to take Big Black Cock. She suck’s her master’s huge cock like a champion whore before he pins the petite amateur to the bed and pounds her pussy and fills it up with a huge cum load creampie.


Interracial porn is Taboo in the eyes of man


Black on Latina interracial porn is hot as fuck but it isn’t as common as one might think.  Interracial porn is Taboo in the eyes of many and for some, it crosses over into the realm of being a full-on fetish.  It’s ironic that it’s the more repressive and racist areas of the world where interracial sex is the most popular.  In more liberal free countries such as Canada, interracial couples are a common sight so there’s far less interest in watching a porn just because it’s interracial.


Those who are outwardly racist are also the ones most likely to be fapping to an interracial porn


The forbidden fruit is always the one that people want the most.  Those who are outwardly racist are also the ones most likely to be fapping to an interracial porn in secret.  They seem to be stimulated by watching a woman from their own race indulging in having sex with the race which is most often the focused target of their own racism. Hypocritical and wrong but this appears to be human nature.




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Whenever a Mother teaches daughter how to have sex, the world becomes a better place.  It’s deliciously kinky when Mother and Daughter share a cock together.  Just close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like if it was your cock they a Mother and Daughter were sucking…Did you Cum yet?




These two naughty pornstars are worthy of praise. Not every actress will play Taboo roles, so the ones that star in a mother and daughter borderline incestuous Taboo family porn video they should be commended. There is a huge demand for anything kinky and forbidden so hopefully, more adult film stars step up to bat.



Have you ever had a bad blowjob? Maybe it was all teeth, maybe it was just really fucking boring? Whatever the issues were, I bet they would all be solved if cock sucking techniques were passed down like a cherished family heirloom. Honestly, can you think of many skills which are more valued?


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I was in Las Vegas for a 3-day conference and staying at the Bellagio. After the third day, I had enough of the conference and was extremely glad it was done. I decided I wanted a drink to relax before retiring for the evening for the fly back tomorrow. I didn’t know that I was soon to become Black Owned.

I’m a 49-year-old divorced woman. I’ve been divorced for 3 years and haven’t been with another man in that time. I have my friend which is a 6 ½ inch dildo and he takes care of me when I have a need. I just don’t feel the need for any more drama in this life so it’s been no more men for me. I had a date scheduled in fact with my friend after relaxing and having a couple of drinks.

I found a chair at the piano bar off the check-in area and ordered a Manhattan from the young gal waitress. The place was quite busy on this evening and before long I had a young black man, perhaps 30 approach me and ask if I would mind him sitting with me in the last empty chair there. He ordered a drink and we made some small talk. Looking at him I noticed that he was in very good shape, very wide shoulders and a very small waist. In the back of my mind, I decided he was a very good looking young man. Hot in fact. As we continued chatting I told him of my divorce and the fact that I had no man in my life and wasn’t looking for one. We were both leaving in the morning and after our second drink I was thinking of heading up when he looked at me and said, “You know you are a very hot looking women and you should have a man every now and again and I’d love to be that man today  (knowing that when he was finished I would be his black owned slave).”

I laughed and said, “Well gee, you can’t get much more forward than that.” He just smiled and noticed it was a perfect smile with perfect white teeth. I actually felt a stirring in my stomach and vagina that was telling me that my body was agreeing with his statement of need. As we continued chatting I was thinking of my girlfriend back home who told me once of her affair with a black man and the intense sex and orgasm’s she had with him. She said his size coupled with his stamina was incredible and supposedly quite common with black men. This was causing even more quivers of anticipation and I was wondering whether I wanted to find out for myself or if my little friend in the room was where it was at. I knew with the tension that was building I needed to make a decision and act on it soon. As wet as I was becoming I had no doubt folks would be smelling my arousal soon and. I stared across the table at him and pondered and then almost like a Tourette’s outburst asked him if what I had heard about black men from my girlfriend was true.

He smiled and looked in my eyes and said, “I’ve never left a woman unsatisfied and have been told that I am more than proficient. As to the size issue, I am a quite wide 8 ½ inches that will take a bit of getting used to. Once I get my first orgasm out of the way that I don’t have a lot of control over I fuck and make you come until you ask me to stop.”

That final statement really got me revved up thinking about multiple orgasms that I haven’t experienced in years. I made a flash choice and just said, “Your place or mine.”

He looked at me with a sly grin and said, “It better be yours because your legs aren’t going to support you when I am done with you.”

Well, that thought sure made me rev up more so we got up and made our way to the elevators. Upon arriving in my room I never said a word but just locked my lips to his and started groping at his trousers like I was possessed. I was hotter and needier then I can ever remember being. He kind of pushed back and laughed and said, “Easy girl, let me get these clothes off.”

He stood back and began to remove his clothes in a rather erotic fashion until he was down to his boxers. There appeared an outline of what I could hardly believe could be his cock. He slowly pulled down his drawers exposing more and more cock until it finally sprang free. I was just staring in awe at the longest and thickest and most beautiful cock I had ever seen. I was mesmerized. I sat on the edge of the bed and without a word he walked over to me putting that cock right in front of me. I reached my hands out and could hardly make my hands go around it and reached down and kissed it. I wanted to worship this beautiful cock like I had never worshiped a cock before. I licked the pre-cum off the head as it continued to stiffen and just took the head into my mouth. I could hardly open my mouth to accommodate him but I had never wanted to suck a cock so much in all my life. I got my tongue working the underside of his head and was jacking that beautiful cock with my hand while massaging his balls with my other hand. I started working up and down that thing and tonguing it like like a true pro. I wanted his cum and I wanted him to enjoy it. He was telling me how good I was and how good his cock looked in my mouth when I felt his dick get harder yet and start to load up with cum. He finally said, “Baby I’m going to cum if you don’t want to swallow.” That caused me to really go at that cock and it stiffened and then he groaned and then pow, the first shot hit the back of my throat like it was shot from a rifle causing a gag. I kept at it though as he kept shooting load after load for what seemed an eternity. He finally stopped and I let his deflating cock just slide from my mouth. He was running his fingers softly through my hair telling me how wonderful that was. Finally, he bent down and gave me a kiss and said, “You need to get out of those clothes girl because it’s time to send you to the moon.”

I did need to get out of my clothes because I was so wet I was soaking through even the front of my slacks. I disrobed and for the first time stood in front of him naked. He looked at me admiringly and gave a whistle and said, “Damn women you are fine.” I expect he was being polite but I smiled back and turned to remove the covers from the bed and laid down. Without a word, he made his way up to my vagina and just starting kissing it and licking it and driving me even wilder. I was about to go insane with desire when he finally started tonguing my clit. Fire leaped through my belly as he really started to go to town. I hadn’t had a tongue there since I was in college and had forgotten how good it felt. I realized I was getting tense in every muscle in my body as my orgasm built and my body felt it was on fire until it hit. I whimpered and arched up into his face and grabbed his hair and pulled his face into my vagina and just exploded. Wave after wave of pleasure ripped through my body and I saw stars. Far and away the best orgasm I had in years. I told him so and he just chuckled and said, “You haven’t felt anything yet.”

I smiled and looked down at him surprised to see him hard again. While I was hot to try that black cock now that I was looking at it hard again I wondered at its size and felt a little bit of fear (I was frightened by it’s size but I didn’t now this magnificent cock would transform me into a black owned slave). I told him I would be right back and went to the bathroom to get the lube I used with my little friend. I now realized how little he was. But as wet as I was I wanted to lube that black monster also. I came out and he was laying on his back and so I poured some lube in my hand and started to grease up that monster. I realized my hand hardly fit around that thing and felt some quivers of fear in my belly. I told him I like to be fucked missionary best but I felt I need to be on top to see if I could work that monster in at my own pace. He just smiled at me and motioned me to come aboard.

I straddled him and couldn’t believe the heat coming from his cock. I reached down to guide it home and started to ease down on it. As lubed as everything was the head was breaking me in half but not going in. Suddenly with a bit of pain, it popped through and went in about an inch. I have never in life felt so stretched and we had only begun. I eased down a little more and got a few more inches in me and paused to get used to that. Fortunately, he was laying there perfectly still allowing me to do this at my pace. My pussy felt on fire and a combo of stretching pain but also burning feel good sensation I’ve never felt. I think this thing was exposing nerves to stimulation that had never before been stimulated. I finally eased down until I was sitting flush on him. As the head of his cock pushed my cervix up towards my uterus I exploded with a gut-crunching orgasm that took my breath away and I collapsed forward onto his chest. I just lay there for a bit with my pussy gripping and spasming around that monster I was impaled with. We hadn’t really done anything but get that thing in and I’ve already had an orgasm like I’ve never felt before. Wow.

I pushed back up on wobbly arms and he began to play with my nipples which really causes my pussy to spasm. It was feeling pretty incredible when I lifted and withdrew about half his cock and then sat back down on it. Having never had a cock so deep the feeling of my cervix being punched in the head of his cock was both new and incredible. I started fucking myself and really setting down hard and enjoying that cervix punch when I realized the other thing going on was my pussy was so gaped open that my clit was sticking out fully exposed and really being stimulated also. It didn’t take a minute when I plunged back down on that cock and exploded yet again. I was gasping for breath and seeing stars and thought I was going to pass out. Again I collapsed on him feeling like I’ve never felt before. My pussy was in a constant state of spasm and orgasm. It probably lasted for what seemed like minutes but I’m sure was at just 45 seconds. I couldn’t believe I could cum like that. I kissed him and said, “My God, I’ve never felt anything like that.”

He looked at me and said, “It gets better from here. When I get on top and start putting the fucking to you, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to orgasm heaven.” I didn’t see how it could possibly get better but I also knew my arms were too shaky to remain on top. As he rolled me to my back I realized my legs were even quivering. I’ve never felt anything like this before and wanted it to never end.


My eyes rolled up in my head and were shaking on the end of that beautiful cock like I was having a seizure.

He was supporting himself on his elbows and started to withdraw that spear until it was almost all the way out and then slid it back in riding it down my clit the whole way until he bottomed out. Incredible feelings from that stroke and it wasn’t very long and I was going to come yet again. As I told him I was going to come he pushed up on his hands and slammed me with about 6 long and violent strokes that really banged off my cervix and just sent me flying over the edge. As I came he gave one last violent slam and just left it buried there. My eyes rolled up in my head and were shaking on the end of that beautiful cock like I was having a seizure. I looked down to see my stomach just quivering and the color difference was so striking and beautiful it sent me into another mini orgasm. After I cooled down he came back down to his elbows and began that long and slow stroke all over again. Again as I began to cum he would lift up and really slam me sending me flying over the edge. Time was a blur and I don’t know how many times I came, probably over 10 until I was a whimpering bowl of jelly. I never thought I would see the day but he was right, I was going to have to ask him to stop. Cumming was almost becoming painful and all the muscles in my body felt like they just couldn’t work anymore. As he came back down to his elbows and gave me a kiss I looked up through teary eyes and said, “Lover it’s time for you to come, I can’t take much more of this.”

He smiled and looked down and said, “OK baby but here comes the best part. I’m going to slam that pussy and clit until you are in a constant state of orgasm and then I’m going punch your uterus into your lungs and deposit my seed deeper then you’ve ever had it before.”

I looked up and smiled and said, “Well let’s do it baby, but I really doubt I can come more then I have already.” He just pushed up onto his hands and smiled down and began. He began to draw 8 of his 8 ½ inches out of me and he would slam it home sending my cunt into spasms on each bottom out. He started doing this faster then I believed possible and I began cumming and he was right, it just kept building and going and going and he kept slamming me and slamming me and slamming me. I was delirious and in a constant state of orgasm and he was ravishing me at about 60 slams a minute. Finally, I could dimly feel his cock stiffening and growing wider yet and he shortened his strokes but actually sped up more. He was like a damn rabbit and I’ve never felt anything like it. I was moaning and my cunt was in constant spasm as were my stomach and leg muscles. Suddenly he slammed that thing in almost farther than ever causing every nerve in my body to go off and then I felt a blast almost in my chest from that cock. I could feel blast after blast from him and I was just whimpering and coming and all but blacking out. He started to slowly withdraw causing my cunt to spasm more and then he pulled out. I almost cried at the empty feeling but my pussy continued to spasm in mini orgasms. I was drifting into an exhausted sleep and then my pussy would fire into another mini orgasm. This went on for about a half hour of constant residual orgasms until I finally fell asleep.


I awoke the next morning sore but satisfied like I have never been before. But I sadly realized I had fallen asleep and he had just dressed and left and I didn’t even know where he lived to have the potential to see him again. I got up from the semen soaked bed and walked on wobbly knees to the bathroom to find a piece of paper on the vanity with a note saying what a good time he had and his name, address and cell phone number. Just seeing that made my battered pussy give a little jump. We will meet again in Vegas that is for damn sure because one thing is clear, I am completely addicted to black Dick.  I’m no longer feeling the desire to have sexual relations with white men.  I’ve taken my first steps to becoming a black-owned white slave and I love it.



Blair Williams Abused and Fucked By White Stud


Blair Williams Gets Used and Abused while being dominated by a white dude


Her knees buckle and her pussy gets wet as D/s (Domination and submission) a white Dom gives her very Rough Sex and fucks her submissive pussy until she surrenders completely.  William’s becomes a willing sex slave and loves it.

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