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The Mod is simply a great vibrator. It’s made from 100% silicone. It is three powerful motors create amazing sensations, ranging from a lovely low-frequency rumble to patterns that move up as we will as down the shaft. It is USB rechargeable, as we will as it is built-in buttons make it easy to control vibration patterns as we will as intensities

You can customize the Mod by downloading apps from our website or by connecting plug-and-play controllers that sync it with your partner’s heartbeat, connect it to your smartphone, or anything else you can think of

We’ll provide online tools that make it easy to design your own vibration patterns, or if you’re so inclined, you can write your own programs that completely change how the Mod behaves using our well-documented API

If you’ve ever had an idea for a cool sex toy or if you want a vibrator that you can change to match your mood, the Mod is the vibe for you

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